5 Best Practices for Mobile Coupon Marketing

5 Best Practices for Mobile Coupon Marketing

February 04, 2016 by Lynn Bates

coupons.pngAs the number of mobile users continues to grow exponentially, mobile marketing is now an essential component of any integrated marketing plan. In fact, mobile commerce is exploding thanks in great part to mobile coupons. Mobile coupon marketing can help generate new customers for any sized business by attracting targeted consumers on the hunt for deals and discounts.

The Benefits of Mobile Coupons

With mobile coupons you can track your mobile marketing campaigns and also measure the return on investment (ROI). By planning and creating effective mobile marketing strategies, you will see tremendous profits from the redemption of those coupons.

According to Target Marketingmobile coupon users will represent nearly 83% of all digital coupon users. To take advantage of this explosive growth, follow the below five best practices for mobile coupons.

1. Use Search Marketing

Mobile users use search functions to locate brands, products or deals. Make it easy for them to find your coupon offer by sending them coupons based on their search terms. Searching often means people are in a buying mood and you want to take advantage of this by offering coupons to increase the likelihood they will buy your product.

2. Create Enriching Text

In every mobile coupon you want to make it clear what the offer is. You want to keep the message short and clear such as "Get 30% off" or "Buy one, get one free."

3. Check Coupon Appearance

Mobile devices come in a range of sizes. You want to make certain that every coupon is easy to see and read on all screen sizes. If the ad doesn't appear properly on a device, consumers will probably move on. There are programs and services available to ensure that the mobile ads look good.

4. Make Coupons Redemption Easy

You need to make it easy for consumers to redeem the coupons whether inside the store or online. The use of QR (quick response) codes is one option. Another option is to scan the barcode. If this is not possible, have an alphanumeric code available as a backup.

5. Offer Incentives for Sharing

Getting customers to share your coupons on social media sites is a good way to increase revenue. To encourage customers to share, offer them incentives or rewards for doing this. Providing mobile coupons is a gentle push to get consumers to make a purchase. There are huge profits available from offering mobile coupons if you devise marketing campaigns for reaching your target audience. Mobile coupons will only increase in popularity as more people use mobile devices while on the go. 

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