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How to Keep Loyalty Members Engaged

Mobile Engagement Channels You Need to Consider

COVID Reinvents the Popularity of QR Codes

Why You Should Consider Adding A2P Messaging to Your Marketing Strategy

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When Consumers Trust You with Location Data

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Going Paperless? The Benefits --and the Drawbacks

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Data as a Currency: Deciphering Best Practices for Consumer Data

How Businesses Can Use Location Data Beyond Marketing

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Did You Know Emojis Boost Open Rates? 😲

Deciphering the Difference Between iBeacons and Eddystone

Understanding When to Use Beacons and Geofencing

Several Powerful Ways to Use In-App Notifications

Understanding the Code of Conduct for Location-Based Marketing

5 Statistics Supporting Proximity Marketing

QR Codes: Perfect for Mobile Coupon Redemption

5 Helpful Tips for Promoting Your Mobile App

Using Mobile Coupons with Your Small Business

Ways to Use Mobile in Your Holiday Marketing

Five Mistakes You're Making with Your QR Code Marketing

8 Reasons to Add Mobile to Your Marketing Strategy

Beacons Unlock Valuable Analytics into Consumer Behavior

Deliver Better Personalized Content With Beacons

Personalized Content Is for All Generations

Ensuring Your SMS Marketing Complies with the TCPA

Mobile Marketing Strategy - Facts and Stats as to Why It's Important

How Auto Manufacturers Like Ford are Using Mobile Marketing

6 Must-have Location-Based Features for Retail Apps

What is Geofencing and How it Works

Mobile App Marketing Strategies for Hotels

The Difference Between Native, Web, and Hybrid Apps

Packaged Vs Custom Mobile Apps, Which is the Right Option?

Don’t Silo Your Marketing – Synergize Your Marketing Channels

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mobile App Developer

How Much Does a Custom Mobile App Cost?

Is Mass Text Messaging Legal?

Mobile App Design: Improving the User Experience

Steps to Grow Your Mobile Subscriber List

The Do's and Don'ts of Text Message Marketing

Why Old Marketing Tactics Won't Reach Millennials ... And How to Change That

Mobile App Retention Strategies to Build Loyal Customers

Why Digital Punch Card Programs Make Sense for Small Business

A Quick Guide to In-App & Push Notifications

8 Great Mobile App Marketing Strategies

Should You Really Invest in Proximity Marketing?

How to Get Visitors to Opt-in to Your Text Program

3 Ways Beacons are Changing the Event and Trade Show Experience

15 Mobile Marketing Terms You Need to Know

Mobile Marketing Reseller Options: Which is Right for Your Agency?

Eddystone vs. iBeacon: Defining the Best Beacon for You

Does Cross-Channel Marketing Matter?

5 Simple Strategies that Boost Mobile Marketing Conversions

5 Effective Ways to Use Push Notifications

What You Can Do With Proximity Marketing Software

6 Tips for Sending Your First SMS Marketing Campaign

5 Best Practices for Mobile Coupon Marketing

Are QR Codes Still Relevant in 2016?

4 SMS Marketing Myths

Beacon Marketing: What is it and is it Effective?

How to Use Omni-Channel Marketing to Reach More Customers

Proximity Marketing Options: Comparing Beacons, Bluetooth, NFC and Wi-Fi

5 Strategies to Increase Mobile Coupon Redemption

How Beacon Marketing Can Boost In-Store Sales

How Do I Know When A Custom Mobile App Is Right For My Company?

5 Ways to Revive Your Loyalty App and Spark Customer Interest

Using Mobile Loyalty Programs to Drive Business

Using Mobile Loyalty Programs to Drive Business

3 QR Code Strategies to Boost Mobile Conversions

Do I Need a Mobile Website?

4 Tips for Mobile Lead Generation

Getting Started With Mobile Coupons

Measuring the Value of a Mobile Subscriber

Understanding Location-Based Analytics

How to Generate Leads with Mobile Marketing

4 Steps to Create a Successful Mobile Messaging Campaign

How Much Impact Will Location Based Marketing Have on Holiday Shopping?

Tips for a Mobile Friendly Email Design

Mobile Proximity Marketing: Beacon Demo

Mobile Loyalty App Demo

mzMoso: Social Media Integration Tools for Mobile

How Brands Can Use Mobile Marketing

How Consumers Opt-In to Text Message Marketing

6 Reasons to Use Mobile Coupon Marketing to Grow Your Business

How Location Based Marketing Could Enhance Your Next Trip to the Museum

Proximity Marketing: Why It’s Boosting Retail Profits and Turning Heads in the Business World

The Truth Behind the Myths of Beacon Security Concerns

It's Time to Rethink our Use of Beacons

mzStamp: Loyalty Mobile App for Fitness Facilities

Consider This Before Choosing A Location-Based Marketing Partner

Airport Beacons Light the Way for Location-Based Marketing

Why Your Business Needs Mobile Marketing

QR Code Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Mobile Website Optimization: Enhancing the User Experience

What You Should Know About Developing a Mobile App

8 Tips for Better Text Message Marketing

Mobile Marketing SMS Content Standards

How Mobile Marketing Tools Help to Maximize Loyalty

Mobile Marketing FAQs

What Are the Benefits of Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing 101: What is it and what are the Tools to Get You Going

What is Mobile Marketing?

Location, Location, Location! The Benefits of Proximity Marketing

Going Mobile: 5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs A Mobile Website

5 Mobile Marketing Strategies Proven to Increase ROI

How Retailers Are Benefiting from Location Based Marketing

Mobilozophy Goes Live with Mobile Marketing Technology Platform

Mobilozophy Offers Power of Mobile Marketing to Local Businesses

Mobilozophy Offers Birds Eye View of Florida Beaches

Mobilozophy Helferich Licensing Agreement

Mobile Email Opens Hit 50%, iPad Drives Most Mobile Email Transactions [Report]

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Mobile (But Should)

Mobile Marketing to Generate $400 Billion in Sales by 2015

Should brands add NFC into the mobile marketing mix?

Couponing Goes Mobile

Restaurants Investing in Mobile Technology

Midsize Insider: Local-Mobile Marketing is the New Mobile Marketing

Why Your Email Marketing Campaign Should Focus On Mobile First

15 Surprising Stats About Online and Mobile Retail

Smartphone Coupons Are Going Mainstream

Relevant mobile offers override privacy concerns

Smartphone Coupons Boost Mobile Ecommerce & In-Store Visits

Mobile Marketing Mainstream through Couponing

7 Strategies for Boosting Digital Coupon Conversions | Street Fight

Why Mobile Marketing is Failing the Hispanic Demographic

Mobile Marketing Industry to Face Stricter Regulations

Time to get Moving on Mobile | B2B Mobile: Marketing

Retail Mobile Ad Spending Skyrockets, Doubles In First Half Of 2013

Majority of US Internet Users Will Redeem Digital Coupons in 2013

How to Use TCPA Regulations

11% Growth in Digital Coupon Use


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