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Beacons Unlock Valuable Analytics into Consumer Behavior

October 06, 2017 by Lynn Bates







I've seen an increasing number of marketers excited about the marketing possibilities of beacons. And rightly so: Beacons expand mobile marketing and create new ways to connect with customers.


Topics: Proximity Marketing, Beacons, geofencing

Deliver Better Personalized Content With Beacons

August 25, 2017 by Lynn Bates

I see a lot of marketers very excited about beacons -- and rightly so. Beacon marketing has the power to leverage customers' mobile devices and make deeper, more intimate content with them. Well-placed beacons have the power to literally transform how we shop.

But many fail to use beacons to their full potential, with lackluster results that may leave them wondering what the fuss is about. Use these four handy tips to discover beacons' true power.


Topics: Proximity Marketing, Beacons, Location Based Marketing, Personalized Content

Personalized Content Is for All Generations

August 08, 2017 by Lynn Bates


 Some recent statistics say consumers delete as many as 22 emails from various brands every day -- often without reading them. They simply aren't relevant to their recipients.


Topics: Content, Personalized Content, Generation Marketing

Ensuring Your SMS Marketing Complies with the TCPA

July 12, 2017 by Lynn Bates

Over the past several years, I've seen more marketers embrace SMS (better known to casual users as text messages). SMS is a great way to harness the power of mobile to send notifications and updates to customers.


Topics: Text Messaging, SMS, TCPA

Mobile Marketing Strategy - Facts and Stats as to Why It's Important

November 09, 2016 by Lynn Bates

In an Adobe study of 4000 marketers worldwide, 80% reported not having a mobile strategy for the next 12 months. It’s the mobile age with nearly two-thirds of Americans owning a mobile device so marketers can no longer turn the other cheek to integrating mobile into their marketing strategy.

Just take a look at the following statistics:


Topics: Text Messaging, Mobile Marketing, Location Based Marketing

How Auto Manufacturers Like Ford are Using Mobile Marketing

June 30, 2016 by Lynn Bates

Over the past few years, the automobile industry has really discovered the power of mobile marketing. It's not uncommon to see companies such as Ford using everything from text message campaigns to developing their own mobile app in order to generate leads, convert customers, and build brand awareness. But how does all of it work? And more importantly, how can you begin to use mobile marketing for your own business? Here are three of the techniques used by major automobile manufacturers, along with why such strategies resonate well with the modern customer.


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6 Must-have Location-Based Features for Retail Apps

June 28, 2016 by Lynn Bates

As a savvy retail business owner, you are already aware that your company needs to offer consumers online access to your store. If consumers can’t find the information they're looking for about you online, they’re likely going to jump to one of your competitors, after all.


Topics: Proximity Marketing, Mobile Apps

What is Geofencing and How it Works

June 27, 2016 by Lynn Bates

Geofences are the counterparts to beacons. While beacons are used for more specific proximity, such as letting you know when someone is close to a specific object, a geofence provides more general information such as when a person has walked by a storefront or visits a general area. 

Topics: Proximity Marketing, geofencing

Mobile App Marketing Strategies for Hotels

June 23, 2016 by Lynn Bates

When it comes to hotel marketing, mobile has become more important than ever before. The global hotel industry revenue is predicted to reach $550 billion US dollars in 2016. 51.8% of travelers who book trips via digital means will do so using a mobile device, according to eMarketer’s latest estimates of digital and travel research and booking. That's up from 43.8% in 2015. 


Topics: Mobile Apps

The Difference Between Native, Web, and Hybrid Apps

June 21, 2016 by Lynn Bates

Those developing mobile apps must choose between native, web, and hybrid apps. Each has unique benefits and drawbacks. However, understanding the nature of your options helps you decide what's best.


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